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At MIDCO Global we service a variety of clients across several industries. Our clients range from large international conglomerates to smaller private companies and independents. Each industry and type of client demands his or her own set of customizations, which we are happy to fill.

The majority of our clients are from one of these industries:

Agricultural Research

Precision matters and efficiency is key to keeping repeated testing consistent and economical. Our products assist and organize seed research and tissue sampling, protect crops from the elements and exposure to extraneous variables, all the while keeping your research clean and targeted.

Agricultural Production

High crop yields and improved returns require quality products throughout the entire growing cycle. MIDCO kicks off your planting season in an organized fashion and carries you through to harvest season, when you are ready to collect and store all that your land has produced.

Bio Conservation

MIDCO recognizes the importance of acting responsibly and protecting the environment. As ecosystems come under increasing threat from pollution, expanding populations, and harsh elements, it is important to source quality products in the appropriate material. We work with clients to develop sustainable, durable products in the materials they require to stay compliant with regulatory and ethical standards.


A farm’s crop assortment, scale, growing cycle, and production distribution all play a part in the tools and materials best suited for optimum operation. We work with farmers big and small to provide solutions for in the field and for storage, transport, and warehousing after the harvest.


Colleges and universities with agricultural research programs and learning institutions granted land via the USDA and CSREES Extension are furthering research in a vast array of agricultural specializations. We work with these programs to source research and production materials and develop custom solutions when necessary. We specialize in working with universities new and/or expanding in this space to offer the highest quality affordable solutions meant for the long run.

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