Tissue Sampling Overview

Soil health and crop nutrition can tell a researcher or farmer a great deal about their crop’s lifecycle and its ability to produce. Researchers take samples from specific regions of a plant at certain growth stages to assess the plant’s overall health. It is imperative that researchers can sample specific regions of a plant to obtain reliable data and determine any signs of abnormality. This sample data is then interpreted to draw insight and inform next steps.

Standard tissue samplers have limited range of motion and collect samples by punching plant tissue into a vial or collection trough. This works well for plants with small leaves – plant veins can be easily accessed, and sampling is minimally invasive. Plants with much larger leaves prohibit technicians from reaching key access points, often requiring leaves to be folded in order to obtain a sample. This creates unnecessary concentrated samples within one region, potentially harming the plant.

The MIDCO Solution

MIDCO identified an opportunity to modify existing plant tissue samplers to increase sampling depth and created the J Punch. The J Punch Tissue Sampler allows farmers and researchers access to sampling sites, maximizing punch depth from 1/8” to 1.25” (10x depth distance).


Our sales team regularly meets with existing clients to review current product performance and determine if there is room for improvement. During a field conversation with a large international client, one of our sales managers noticed a friction point during leaf sample collection. We inquired whether sampling depth would be of significant value to our client. The client responded positively, and we quickly met with one of our product manufacturers to design a solution.

Solution design to prototype was relatively fast, and as soon as our prototype arrived in the field it was met with immediate orders. We tested mechanics to ensure quality and have included the J-Punch in our regularly stocked pollination solution tools ever since.


Researchers continue to be impressed with the J Punch and use it to secure tissue samples. MIDCO offers the J-Punch in multiple punch sizes with convenient vial attachment to securely collect and contain samples.

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