Seed Envelopes Overview

Quality seed envelopes provide protection, organization, and easy accessibility for seeds. Agricultural production specialists and researchers work with varying quantities and types of seeds typically transported and stored in seed packets. Paper seed packaging and envelopes provide an economical and lightweight solution to organize and store seeds for pre-season preparation and planting season. These envelopes are brought all the way to the point of seed insertion in ground and are also used for seed storage.

Packaging must be secure enough to hold up for repeated use. Adhesive sealable packets do not guarantee repeated use, and clasp envelopes are not always durable or as contained as one would like for varying seed sizes. Ideally, one would have a self-sealing, durable envelope that is customizable across varying attributes but the marketplace has a very limited variety of these and customizations are often too costly or require long lead times.

The MIDCO Solution

MIDCO recognized the value in a self-closing, durable, customizable envelope and identified the market’s demand for having such envelopes stocked year-round. We created the MIDCO TriFold — a durable manila stock, easily foldable, self-closing envelope for seed storage. The TriFold is available in 8 different sizes, with window, color, and printing options, conveniently stocked throughout the year.

The Process

Our sales team noted the value of self-closing, foldable seed envelopes in the field via client meetings, and our client relations team documented several requests from clients looking for increased customizations and access to this type of envelope. During internal cross-team product development planning it was clear there was an opportunity. We scheduled a meeting with our custom envelope manufacturer to discuss ways to innovate the existing envelopes on the market.

We arrived at a prototype that combined all the mechanisms of a quality seed envelope — self-closing, reinforced seams, perforations for easy folding — in sizes and layouts that were most suited for users. We conducted research across our existing clients on the most favorable sizes and layouts that worked with printing and display customizations to keep them organized.


Our MIDCO TriFold is quickly becoming an industry staple amongst seed packets, and we continue to increase customization capabilities. Window displays allow for easy visibility of envelope contents and we’ve designed special TriFold boxes for secure storage and transport. Add TriFolds to your quote today.

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