Custom-Tailored Solutions to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

At MIDCO Global, we understand that not every product is a one size fits all solution. That is why we work with our customers to tailor our products to fit their specific need no matter how small. The following case studies are some examples of what we can do to help you work more efficiently while creating a positive impact on your business and bottom line.

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Tissue Sampling: J Punch

Tissue Sampling: J Punch

By modifying existing plant tissue samplers to increase sampling depth, we allowed farmers and researchers better access to sampling sites and reduced damage to the plant.

Trifold Seed Envelope

Seed Envelopes: The TriFold

We created a self-closing, durable, customizable seed packet envelope, and we stock it year-round. This allows for better protection, organization, and easy accessibility for seeds throughout the year.

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