Seed Hybridization Pollinating Bag

Pollination Bags constructed from HDPE apertured films for seed hybridization and research. 

Maintain genetic uniformity with excellent visibility.

Customize mesh size and bag size. Stock product contains 336 micron pore diameter with minimums listed. Custom product minimums scaled to volume.

Minimum: 1,000 Bags

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Pollination Bags for seed hybridization, research, and commercial seed production. Bags are constructed from lightweight apertured films and provide protection from insects, rain, and wind, while allowing for appropriate levels of sunlight, air flow, and moisture to reduce rot and mildew. Pollination bags are specially designed to prevent excessive heat build-up and are versatile through a variety of climactic conditions.

Bags prevent foreign pollen contamination and will stay in place throughout the entire growing season. Pollination bags can serve dual use and be used as seed carriers during harvest time.

To collect pollen, bags are easily slit open and can be re-closed with a twist-tie or paper clip.

Disposable & Economical. Preferred for sunflower, safflower, sorghum, and tobacco pollination research.


Mesh Opening Range: 260 to 480 micron (µ)


PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open10″ x 12″
PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open16″ x 18″
PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open18″ x 20″
P520Custom260 µ; 19% OpenRange: 3″ x 6″ to 18″ x 20″
P620Custom260 µ; 33% Open10″ x 12″
PQ218Custom336 µ; 24% OpenRange: 2 3/4″ x 4″ to 71″ x 72″

Minimum: 1,000 Bags

*Custom configuration minimums scaled to volume


PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open25.4cm x 30.48cm
PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open40.64cm x 45.72cm
PQ218Stock336 µ; 24% Open45.72cm x 50.8cm
P520Custom260 µ; 19% OpenRange: 7.62cm x 15.24cm to
45.72cm x 50.8cm
P620Custom260 µ; 33% Open25.4cm x 30.48cm
PQ218Custom336 µ; 24% OpenRange: 6.985cm x 10.16cm to
180.34cm x 182.88cm

Minimum: 1,000 Bags

*Custom configuration minimums scaled to volume

Additional information

Mesh Size (µ; % Open)

PQ218: 336 µ; 24% Open (Stock), P620: 260 µ; 33% Open (Custom), P520: 260 µ; 19% Open (Custom)

Bag Size (W x L)

2 3/4" x 4" (6.985cm x 10.16cm), 3" x 6" (7.62cm x 15.24), 10" x 12" (25.4cm x 30.48cm), 16" x 18" (40.64cm x 45.72cm), 18" x 20" (45.72cm x 50.8cm), 71" x 72" (180.34cm x 182.88cm), Custom


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