Midco Global and its Clients’ Industries

Midco Global is the premier supplier of agricultural research supplies. Delivering machines and harvesting supplies to clients in the United States as well as abroad. Many of our clients are in the research department at many universities as well bigger agricultural organizations such as Monstanto. Through out the past few years Midco Global has been also working with many industrial clients as well. Through these partnerships and collaborations they not only have provided agricultural research supplies but packaging as well.

University Agricultural Research Supplies

Midco is proud to serve those in the academic field at public and private universities. The solutions that we supply to the field help them to keep their research organized.

Corporate Agricultural Research Supplies

Providing a better product that is healthy and easy to harvest is a goal that most strive for. Keeping the details in the right order and finding solutions to help provide faster results can be hard. This is where Midco Global can help.

Industrial Packaging Supplies

The post-harvest process can be the most crucial. Midco Global has your packaging solutions needs and can help you at every step of the process. Learn more to how we work within this area.