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We are problem solvers, collaborators, and your partner in agricultural research, production, and packaging. We sell and create quality products that work with your business, your equipment, and your work systems to keep you organized and efficient.

We source and customize packaging, equipment, technology, and tools for the field, lab, storage, and office space. Our value comes in the deep relationships we maintain with our vast network of researchers, production experts, manufacturers, farmers, lab technicians, and engineers. We believe the most meaningful product solutions grow out of deep-rooted industry knowledge and awareness gained through years of experience.


Our business is global and our quality customer service is rooted in empathy and awareness. The MIDCO Global team is built of seasoned professionals with expertise in our clients’ field. Our real-time understanding of industry pressures, trends, and innovations keep opportunities for our clients at the forefront of our focus.


It starts with a conversation and grows into a solution. Our solutions include modifications to existing equipment and machinery to improve or add functionality, concept-to-creation projects to fill a void in the present market, and stock product that can be utilized by a variety of organizations year-round.

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